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Last week we shared an actual situation in which a gravely ill  before the Notary could complete the certificate. The woman, who was physically impaired and confined to her bed, used a signature by mark to sign the document, and two witnesses also signed. The woman also was lucid enough to satisfy the Notary that she was aware of what she was signing and was willing to do so. What You Said
Our Notary community weighed in on the situation and offered many thoughtful responses: “The purpose of a Notary is to verify the identity of the signer and then to witness [that] the … document is signed,” said Dorothy Melton. “That actually did transpire. I would verify that I did exactly that. The seal is simply a verification that the transaction occurred.” Christine Wissbrun also said she would complete the notarial certificate because the Notary ascertained that the and had signed the document, which was witnessed by two people. “I would have had my Notary journal entry completed first, inclu…

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Americans use their smartphones and mobile devices for conducting many aspects of life and using apps has become second nature to most of us. Unfortunately for notaries, app use may also involve their notary clients. Because of this and other reasons, today’s article will focus on possible pitfalls that apps and devices can cause for notaries. When using apps, be mindful of protecting your and your clients’ non-public private information. The American Association of Notaries isn’t against the responsible use of new technologies, devices, or apps, but we know there may be hazards and we want you to have the best experience possible in your notary public role. 1-Always protect your device and information with a password, PIN, or fingerprint. For obvious reasons, at least one of these methods should be used on every notary’s smartphone and other devices. Not securing your device could be devastating to you and your clients if the device is lost or stolen. 2-Keep in mind that mobile device…

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Why a Notary Journal is Required In Some States- Union County NC

Why a Notary Journal Is Required In Some States
Almost no one likes to do paperwork, especially if they don't have to do it. So, if you tell them that paperwork is not required, most people will be happy to believe you and skip it. When it comes to the notary journal, skipping the paperwork is not an option. Keeping a notary journal is required for the following reasons: 1) Law. Roughly a third of the states require by statutory law that their notaries public keep an official record or journal of their actions. These statutes generally specify what this record must or should contain. Another third of the states have statutory laws that detail how a notary journal is to be handled, and thus one can presume that such a record is a requirement of being a notary in those states. A growing number of states have adopted or are considering adopting one or another of the long-standing model notary laws, which all require notary journals. Also, case law has often supported the need for notar…

13 Notarial Errors Your Notary must Avoid here in Union County North Carolina.

13 Notarial Errors Your Notary must Avoid here in Union County North Carolina.

Your notarial certificate will be scrutinized when a document that you
notarized is presented to your state’s authentications office with a request for
authentication of your signature. The state’s authentications office will examine
your work to assure that you performed the notarial act properly.
The presiding notary will almost certainly be reprimanded if the document
does not qualify for an apostille due to a notary error. The following notarial errors
will disqualify a document for authentication:

1. The notary did not sign the certificate.

2. The notary’s seal (if required by the notary’s state) is missing from the

3. The notary’s signature is not the same as the signature on file.

4. The certificate is missing and the notary simply stamped and signed the
document without including the proper notarial certificate language.

5. The certificate language does not comply with the notary’s…

The Notary’s Best Defense in Monroe NC

The Notary’s Best Defense 

Maintain a Notarial Journal— the Notary’s Best Defense The notary journal can contribute significantly to the safety, defense, and protection of the Notary, and may prove vital if the Notary is ever required to testify in court about a particular act. The journal helps prevent fraud, as the signer will be unwilling to sign a journal if his intent, for instance, is to commit forgery. The properly completed journal entry can provide proof that the Notary acted according to law and proper procedures in performing the act in question. The journal is a Notary’s strongest defense against claims of wrongdoing, and can also serve to remind the Notary of key points to the procedure that are required. The journal should include the following information: the printed name and signature of each signer presentthe signer’s home address and phone numbers (do not use post office numbers for an address)the method or documentation that was used to prove identity, including ID…

Correct Notary Journal Processes for Notaries in Union County Monroe NC

Correct Notary Journal Processes for Notaries in Union County Monroe NC

States’ laws vary widely on needs regarding notary magazines. The information any particular one state says must be captured in a journal might be considered unlawful throughout another state. Seeing that is our typical practice, the American Affiliation of Notaries (AAN) wishes to impress upon readers that they must be mindful that laws consist of state to talk about. Also, please be aware that some states utilize phrase “record book” to go into detail the volume through which notarial acts are recorded and other states use the phrase “journal. ” The term “journal” will likely be used to signify them both in this article.
As readers fully understand, many states don't require their notaries to maintain journals. However, the majority of notary public staff in states that not require journals declare that notaries keep accurate records with their notarial acts. This article will be beneficial to both notaries…